Services We Provide:

Fire Suppression

WildCat Fire Services Inc. provides fire services and support for communities in Alberta and BC:

  • wildland engines
  • suppression crews

Water Hauling

Wildcat Fire Services Inc. offers a full line of fresh water hauling services:

  • dust control
  • road building
  • fire suppression
  • water fracs
  • drilling and service rigs

Pump Water

We have a full line of services for pumping large volumes of water:

  • Pump Water
  • supply water to flood large areas
  • supply water for fire fighting and sprinklers

Structural Protection

Wildcat Fire Services Inc. owner Larry Werner is one of a handful of people in Alberta qualified to oversee large scale structural protection. Their custom built Structural Protection Unit is capable of protecting up to 150 residences.

  • full line of sprinklers
  • customer specific set up as requested
  • saving anything with a dollar value

Hotshot Services

Wildcat Fire Services Inc has units dedicated to hotshot hauling as well as providing large volumes of water to fire sites.

  • full line of hotshot items up to 11,000 kgs

Fire Smarting

We offer consulting services to help assess risks within your home or business.

  • site assessment
  • site preparation and cleanup
  • removal of debris